Currently on a mission to transform the developing world through data, strategic governance, and sustainability.


More than ever, it is time for governments worldwide, especially those of vulnerable nations, to re-appraise their public diplomacy strategies to become more intersectional with cross-cutting political issues, such as human rights, and to re-align foreign policy objectives of conflict prevention and stabilization, with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sara ignited her mission with the intention of cultivating business models that would ultimately improve human welfare and promote sustainable development in the international community. She has extensive experience in policy consulting for over 40 governments, as well as creating international think tanks, labs, summits, NGOs, research, and development programs to address the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

With a focus on data and transformative governance in developing nations, she aims to redefine the role of foreign policy/diplomacy in sustainable development and thus utilize a new approach to advancing the international agenda. She specializes in social development and creating inclusive partnerships with global stakeholders of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sara formerly served on the UNICEF National Council and worked with the US Dept. of State to create a national leadership program for college students.

Through partnering with Prime Ministers, Ministries, UN agencies, foreign embassies, policymakers, universities, and NGOs, Sara founded CollatEd Lab, an international-development NGO that provides expertise in technical policymaking in 111 nations. She founded Hale in order to cultivate sustainability-focused and data-driven policy solutions for world health ministries.

Sara has spoken at the United Nations General Assembly, UNICEF Annual Summit, UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, the Women Economic Forum, and more on her work leading the foreign policy innovation space. As a United Nations advisor, UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab Expert, Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum, and Harvard fellow, her work has been endorsed by the Prime Ministers of Libya, Rwanda, and The Congo, who are key partners of CollatEd. She hopes to continue to facilitate meaningful impact in international development entrepreneurship, humanitarian research, as well as multi-sectoral alliances for knowledge exchange.


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