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The mission of CollatEd Lab is to give a voice to collaborative, young researchers around the world through developing education to lead international, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational dialogue with the goal of streamlining global policymaking to be SDG-inclusive. The initiative, impacting 109 countries in 2021, features an open model of innovation that empowers educators and world ministries to bridge the gap between information retention and policy application.


CollatEd Lab fosters sustainable development and innovation capacity-building through operating as a policy consultation, strategic global-development NGO in order to empower communities and governments to more effectively respond to issues at the international, national, and regional levels. Moreover, CollatEd Lab works with Ministries of Education in order to facilitate the inaugural SDG Youth Action Festivals worldwide in partnership with the UN SDG Action Campaign. CollatEd has organized on-the-ground teams in developing countries that extend CollatEd’s UN SDG research to their national governments.


1. Established a Global Steering Committee of over 89 development actors in world government, UN, and academia:
Notable Members Include:
• Nigerian Senators and Parliament
• Mushikiwabo Louis - President of the International Organisation of Francophonie (IOF)
• Dr. Donald Kaberuka - Current Global Fund, Board chairperson and Former African Development Bank President (ADB)
• United Nations Directors 
• 9 Prime Ministers, King and Queen of Nigeria, US university professors, President of the University of Liberia, etc

​2. Provides world-class training programs in data-science, SDG financing and technology, international innovation capacity-building, strategic economic policy development, and global leadership to ministers in partner countries.

3. Provides SDG policymaking consultation to 35+ foreign embassies in Rwanda and 40+ ministers.

4. Founded the 2020 Global Governance Summit with 518 expected governmental delegates from 112 nations.

5. Launching a full-stack data and intelligence platform to keep track of geocapital investments and generate SDG metrics in foreign countries with the support of institutional partners across 3 continents.

6. Mobilizes academic institutions (university faculty + its doctoral students) via the establishment of on-campus SDG Think Tanks at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Duke, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins Graduate School of Education, and University of Liberia.

7. Received a $3.5k sponsorship from Duke University for CollatEd Lab. Partnered with Berkeley Product Development group to develop educational software.

8. Garnered policy review stakeholders include: UN agencies, independently-affiliated UN groups, international NGOs, UNESCO national commissions, UNESCO Inclusive Policy lab, UNESCO fellows, UN Ambassadors, university policy experts registered onto the platform. The aforementioned entities review research outcomes to turn into professional consultation that is sent to the UN.

9. Created the world’s first SDG Youth Action Festivals with the UN SDG Action Campaign in 9 developing countries: Eswatini, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, and Tanzania.

10. Promotes entrepreneurial problem-solving to youth internationally, improves focus inside the educational system to promote inclusive economic and political structures through the development of SDG challenges that are reviewed by CollatEd’s UNESCO policy directors that foster youth and global government collaborations.

11. CollatEd’s advancement of the spirit of leadership and entrepreneurship in youth education was recognized by the California Department of Education.

President Kagame and First Lady  attended the third day of #Umwiherero2020 at the 17th National Leadership Retreat on February 16, 2020, where discussions focused on creating accessible world-class quality education, the role of the private sector in achieving Vision 2050 and strategies for maintaining a corruption-free Rwanda. The CollatEd Program Officers, pictured with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, presented their vision for accelerating the SDGs through CollatEd’s 2020-2030 Africa work plans to government officials and delegates at the summit.

The world’s first SDG Youth Action Festivals, in partnership with the UN SDG Action Campaign, bridges the youth inclusion gap with the entrepreneurship and global networking skills needed to identify sustainable policy and community solutions for working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. CollatEd Lab utilizes a culturally-sensitive curriculum to equip youth with the civic education tools needed to create social change in their communities and simultaneously become involved with international issues impacting today’s society and economy. These 4-month-long campaign summits were hosted in 9 developing countries: India, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Iran, Rwanda, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Eswatini.

CollatEd's program officers in Ethiopia have launched "Youth Connect Ethiopia" in Sky Light Hotel. The initiative was launched with the theme "Connect For Cause". On the launching ceremony Minsters and state minsters of W.C & Youth, Senior Federal and Regional officials, Representatives of United Nations and African Union agencies, Youth Leaders, Ambassadors and Diplomats has been invited and participated.



Hale raises capacity for science and tech policy in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals through its world-renowned data initiative, legislative progress, health summit, multi-disciplinary biotechnology internship, and long-term infrastructure.



Data Initiative:

Hale Inc. has developed a health data initiative in October 2019 with Ministers of Health in 12 countries for the purpose of creating a united front of data scientists, policy researchers, UN leaders, and governmental leaders dedicated to comprehensive health policy reform. The Data Initiative is officially partnered with the Clinton Health Access Initiative(CHAI), UNICEF, WHO, Stanford University, and more. We have established a Global Advisory Board of UNICEF, WHO, MoH, UNFPA directors, UN senior advisors, and public healthcare specialists. Further information can be found at!

Passing Health Legislation
After acquiring approval from the federal government to conduct research services and work with the Ministers, Hale paved the way for a new system procedure to be implemented unifying clinicians, hospitals, and regionally-stationed government officials to better streamline data solutions for community-based, public health policy development as well as improve the standards of institutional transparency across the nation.Recognizing issues of malaria, HIV, and malnourishment as key priorities of the Congo, Hale is working to provide professionally-crowdsourced data to ministers and subsequent instruction on creating their own independent, sustainable strategies to foster an active feedback loop between the public and private sector-- impacting the population of over 500,000 people, and counting.


Internship Program
The Hale internship, releasing in May 2020, is currently being designed by the Hale team and leading industry professionals on the board to democratize the most recent discussions on data science and artificial intelligence applications in healthcare policy, precision medicine, sustainable biotechnology, global (digital) health, bioethics, and scientific communication education. Students will have the opportunity to work with guest lecturers in academia, public sector (policy,non-profit, government), and the privatized industry in order to be supported in creating their own large-scale projects. The internship program provides an early alumni network for emerging STEM leaders, with a target reach of 600 students internationally.

Long-Term Infrastructure
Currently, Hale is working to facilitate youth dialogue on global health issues in the UN and is working with faculty to establish the Stanford Health and Governance Innovation Lab as a centralized platform for the data initiative.


InnovaYouth’s Leadership and Communication Summit in Dubai, UAE featured industry professionals talking corporate-government relations, marketing, start-ups, public speaking, and sustainability.
In 2020, InnovaYouth will be hosting the global conference series in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Pakistan, and India-- increasing our country reach to 14.

During the 4-day Social Responsibility and Policy Innovation summit in Tehran, Iran, InnovaYouth hosted global citizenship education courses, identified community issues, as well as held policy forums with Tehran's City Hall officials and political science professors on the importance of civic engagement and dismantling systems of poverty through entrepreneurship and a skills-based, sustainable education. This summit was the first of its kind to be implemented in the country.

I founded the Hale and Stanford University Global Health, SDG, and Policy Research Summit from October 12-13th, 2019. We had the pleasure of hearing from our institutional partners, technology-ministry-backed and world-class researchers, and organizations such as the UNDP, World Bank, Gates Foundation, etc on digital health policy, infectious disease reduction, Internet of Medical Things, the SDGs, global trends, the future of data in education and health, and social entrepreneurship capacity building. Over 50+ attendees including both undergraduate and high school students statewide.

In summer 2019, I met with the former Ambassador of Tanzania to discuss my work with CollatEd and the importance of unifying a globalized world through cross-sectoral collaboration.


In summer 2019, I met with the Ambassador of Niger at the Embassy of Niger in Washington DC to discuss data-driven sustainable development, peace, and education.

In partnership with the UN in Tanzania, the CollatEd Lab program officers will be presenting our global policy and education initiative and its pathway to accelerating the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


InnovaYouth Annual Generation Z Summit:

Featuring 100+ attendees and our guest speakers. We heard about socially conscious policymaking from government officials, and industry professionals about the importance of youth leadership for the future of educational & career development.

More about InnovaYouth's workshops can be found on

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