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Women Economic Forum 2019: Spoke among the former US Treasurer, UN Women Mexico representative, Obama Foundation, and corporate CEOs.

I was honored to moderate the September 2019 United Nations General Assembly Event in partnership with the UN SDG Health Partnership and Dr. Parveen Singh, former CEO of the World Health Forum and Hale Global Advisory Board member, on healthcare financing and sustainable development. Honorary members in attendance included the President of Zimbabwe as well as the Minister of Health and Childcare.


As a result of speaking at the 2019 Women Economic Forum, I have been honored to speak at this year's Annual WEF in Egypt under the H.E President Abdelfattah El Sisi, President of Egypt. I will be speaking on SDG Policymaking and Long-Term, Intergovernmental Partnership Strategies for Sustainable Economic Planning.

In summer 2019, I spoke at the Aspen Institute HQ with the Executive Board Members regarding youth entrepreneurship, global health and economics, and capacity-building for innovation.


In summer 2019, I spoke at the UN Foundation on the Sustainable Development Goals, youth capacity-building, and the role of a global citizenship education in a multicultural society.

Founder of and spoke at the USC SDG and Social Entrepreneurship Forum; hosted at Doheny Library.

2-time youngest speaker of Ministerial UN High Level Political Forum on multidimensional poverty and monitoring sustainable development; spoke on panel with UNDP Head Administrator, Word Bank data scientist, Director of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, etc

In April 2019, I spoke at the Harvard Global Health Leadership Conference to undergraduate and high school students on my research: The Role of Digital Solutions in Decentralizing Global Health, featuring my medical app that allows patients to become more proactive regarding their health and provide doctors/patients with information regarding the state of their health outside of formal patient checkups to reduce rates of a doctor's misdiagnosis.The scope of this project includes the development of an application that aggregates patient wearable data, provides analytics regarding patient activity, and presents this information to supplement a doctor’s knowledge base of patient health condition from initial checkups.

To advance shared decision-making, preventative, and chronic care management, I prototyped a data bank of communicative, actionable insights regarding patients' individual health issues. Patient Connect utilizes diagnostic imaging using patient-generated health data (PGHD) to produce unique insights on complex trends underlying a patient's health. In the future, Patient Connect will integrate AI in its medical imaging in order to detect problems faster.

I was one of the youngest speakers at the annual UNICEF Unite Summit, and hosted a workshop to 40+ primarily undergraduate students on "Leading as a Global Citizen Through the Lens of the SDGs". I mentored students from both the US and abroad to create innovative organizations, draft policy ideas, and participate in global discussions on what it means to be a global-thinker/"do-er". I also introduced international UNICEF youth entrepreneurship initiatives such as UPSHIFT Incubators, Youth Challenges, Educate a Child,and Curriculum B. Finally, I advocated at Capitol Hill to increase congressional funding for UNICEF.


Spoke at the UNESCO Tech MGIEP Conference in December, 2019, on leading the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the lens of artificial intelligence, inclusive-technology policy, and CollatEd’s education innovation model.

I spoke at 2020 Harvard UNICEF's Empowering Humanity and Education Conference, featuring renowned professors, UN collaborators, international directors as the youngest speaker. I had the opportunity of speaking on the technology and policy panel on sustainable policy as well as infrastructure innovation for global development


 More information on speakers and the conference can be found at:


2019 Teen Vogue Summit.
Pictured with speakers Jamie Margolin, Deja Foxx, and actress Anna Cathcart.

Past Engagements

  • Spoke at Harvard UNICEF Conference on sustainability and technology policy in February 2020Spoke at Women Economic Forum 2019 in Mexico, among Former US Treasurer, UN Women Mexico, Obama Foundation, CEOs

  • Spoke at UNESCO Tech MGIEP Conference in December 2019

  • Spoke at Teen Vogue Summit as a youth changemaker in December 2018

  • Spoke at UNICEF Global Annual Summit on the SDGs

  • Presented original research on medical app I created at the 2019 Harvard Global Health and Leadership Conference

  • Youngest speaker of Ministerial UN High Level Political Forum on multidimensional poverty and monitoring sustainable development (2x); spoke on panel with UNDP Head Administrator, Word Bank data scientist, Director of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, etc

  • Spoke at UN General Assembly; co-hosted with Director--General of the UNSDG Health

  • Partnership/former CEO of the World Health Forum; honorable attendees include President of Zimbabwe, Minister of Health and Child Care, etc

  • Summer 2019: Spoke at Aspen Institute HQ , World Bank HQ, and UNICEF HQ; met with directors to discuss youth capacity building

  • Spoke at 6th International Poverty and Sustainable Development Conference Founded and spoke at the USC SDG Seminar Series to undergraduate/graduate students


Upcoming Engagements


  • Will be honored by King and Queen of Nigeria at Palace of Nigeria in 2020.

  • Will be meeting the Whitehouse OSTP Director and Senior Staff to discuss partnership for the Hale Data Initiative in March 2020.

  • Speaking at Women Economic Forum March 2020 under President of Egypt.

  • Delivering a presentation at African Union HQ in Ethiopia and ECOWAS HQ in Nigeria on a business trip with the Nigerian Palace Secretary in March 2020.

  • Digitally speaking at national youth leadership conference in Ethiopia hosted by the Ministry of Women, Children, and Youth; guest speakers include Prime Minister of Ethiopia, UNDP Director of Ethiopia, etc.

  • Will be the youngest speaker at the Royally Approved Global Leadership Summit (RAGLS) for the Global Women of Power Foundation at the Kensington Palace in the UK, June 2020.

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